10xdojo - Mini Hacks Mighty Results
By Maverick Follow | Public

We're born to be lazy, and honestly if you tell me that you'd been working hard on something for a while and still don't get the results you're happy with, then you could have done it wrong.

But but but I got results.

Yeah, sure. But is it the 80/20 kind of results? Is it one where you can get 80% of the results with just 20% effort?

Here's where 10xdojo comes in. We experiment on business hacks, mostly small, mini changes, that you need to make to enjoy amazing results: results that your competitors would say, "Hey, that's not fair!"

Yup, so join us in our business hacking clinics on various topics from business development, to marketing, presentations/pitches to Influencing others to your will* (insert evil laugh here), and more.

*Just kidding. Sure, you'll learn how to be more persuasive, but I believe you'll put that knowledge to good use. Right? :)